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We must teach our children and protect them from evil

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 75486749
09/06/2017 06:45 AM
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We must teach our children and protect them from evil
It's magical, magic! Good Luck! Watch out for karma. YOLO! (You only live once.) Holy cow ( smokes or any other subject added to holy outside of God's intention for us) He's so charming! OMG! <--- these are a few common phrases being thrown around today-- as common, everyday, normalized evil speak... Christians must refrain, and set an example in how we look (not only to be modest, but stop trying to be stylish, sexy or swag), what we say and what we do. Some do say the OMG as oh my goodness, but it is important to write out goodness, so that others know you are not speaking of GOD in vain... I see many children and adults guilty of engaging evil and sinful speak, so it was on my heart to say something, so that maybe some may rethink such common words used around us and maybe even by us or our children.
Hollywood and the wicked entertainment industry may have normalized the idea of magic, both white and black, the enjoyment of wicked things, violence, sinful sexual behavior, immodesty, gluttony, pride, vanity, greed and everything against God. It is so important if you believe God, that we come out from among the world's practices, and no longer engage such things, no longer welcome them into our homes and no longer allow them to have influence on us our our kids...
There are so many evil things packaged in seemingly harmless ways... think about those sweet cute little carebears, smurfs, my little ponies... all portray white magic.. when ALL forms of magic lead to hell...These cartoons are not good versus evil as many believe they are evil posing as good...This is not only in regards to magical characters but superheros and many other programs that depict the fight between good and evil, using evil packaged as good to fight evil packaged as evil (if that makes sense?) That is how many have slowly adopted evil as good...Just a little dose at a time in a seemingly harmless package..Today you can hardly find a program or a book for children that does not engage a child in sin... vampires, witches, dragons, books about crushes & lust, shows with inappropriate content and bad examples, and magic are everywhere...
We must be so careful what we are feeding our own souls and we are also responsible for what we give our children.. We must teach them and protect them from evil.
milton waddams
User ID: 16158639
09/06/2017 06:51 AM
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Re: We must teach our children and protect them from evil