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Subject Any dreams expert?
Poster Handle Daughter of the Moon
Post Content
Some time ago I had a dream that has always stayed in my mind.

In the dream I was being escorted by two hooded men. They took me through a dark hall and there were like bleachers or something on the sides and some more hooded people sitting. At the other side of the hall there was a white and gold longi room with big columns. It looked like a church. The hooded men were not with me anymore, I continued walking and at the end I saw a a throne and a pope sitting on it. (It was the one who was pope before the new pope).... when I got closer, he saw me, smiled and then a crack opened in the floor between me and him and fire and demons started coming out of the crack. Instantly I was in space, in some type of spaceship looking at the Earth through a window and it looked like it was burning.
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