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Message Subject Any dreams expert?
Poster Handle Daughter of the Moon
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Woah...no shit, i had a similar reoccurring dream like that when i was little. I was in what i assumed was hell walking down a long corridor with jagged rocks for walls but they didn't go all the way up as you could see orange\redish light coming from behind. Anyways i would walk till i reached the end and come to a throne. It reminded me of the Lincoln memorial. I would get scared approaching whom I assumed was satan. He sat in the throne in a black robe but was so big i never saw his face as it was like a shadow up that high. Just before i would address him I'd wake up. I hated that dream, but that was like 30 yrs ago.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75498455

I was not afraid during my dream. It's weird because I've also had hell dreams....

In one of my dreams I was in some type of orchard and Jesus was there and Satan or whatever and I had to choose between the two.... I obviously chose Jesus but decided to go with Satan for curiosity... he took me to hell and showed me it... we climb some huge stairs and at the end there was a balcony with what I would call hell royalty and I was asked to sit with them.

The place wasn't in like sone type of huge cave with fire and from the balcony you could see everything.


Another day I had another weird dream but it was in Earth ... I was driving in San Francisco and something fell from the sky I a forest... I went to the forest and there was a huge demon killing a woman in an altar... her belly was open and the place was full internal organs.
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