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Message Subject Any dreams expert?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is evolition of mankind.
Our religion got us to this point. It was a meandering path but wr got here.
9/11 started fighting where how many people have died and sacrificed for what??

Maybe we're on right path. Nothing wrong with religion but deifying man is limiting and susceptible.

We need to think bigger. Sorry to anybody maybe might misunderstand, but i was brought up jewish and just naturally wondered how weird it would be for ET life to threaten the story of God.
Quite honestly have talked to lots of catholics it really seems like the level headed ones are really way past that....

But just like the snackbars, fanatics and extremists of any oppressive movements.... it seems like tbe fighting has a chance to be out of our systems for a while. Major powets all stable....

Its time we all wake up. We can force truths of 911 out if the govt csn be assured we wont Mussolini them....

Your dream, those bleachers.... seems like towers right? Or planes?

Some shit went down. People died. Or left. Or went somewhere... but where did planes go? Where is titanium core of jetliners? Not at locations claimed....

Everyone knows only passports survive whatever dustified the towers...
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