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Message Subject i need to get me a good SURVIVAL KNIFE,any recommendations would be help full
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the reason to baton/split is if the outside of the deadwood is soaked, the inside might be dry.

I'm not sure on the need for an axe. Do you really need to cut down anything bigger than 4-5" in diameter for a survival shelter?

That's why I like the cheap tramontina machette... bend the 4-5" tree over, find the weak spot, baton the machette at that spot and the tree will snap. Beaver-chew the rest of the tree.

I'll amend my earlier post with the machette, knife, and saw... I really like Silky, but you can probably save $10 on a bahco saw and it'll work just as well.

An axe is way heavier than a tramontina. Keep in mind, this is for a newer user and an axe is more dangerous to the ignorant than a machette... and easier to use as a defensive tool.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75219378

yeah inner part would be dry indeed.

agreed, you do not normally need to cut down large wood.

a machette is for brush though or sugar cane or similar? is it going to cut down 6" stock efficiently? or even 5 or 4" either?

depends where you live, if I was in tropics I would have machette first of course, anywhere else no.

those folder saws are toys, I have them they are not worth it. but up to you. The blades are thin, teeth will dull fast, and the hinge can fail.

sorry I need to explain, I mean a hatchet. An axe is for big logs and not to carry into the field. You are correct an axe is dangerous and takes skill, concentration and even physical strength to wield properly.

I don't like metal handle or fibre glass due to weight and too much vibration when chopping.

something like this:

[link to www.ebay.com]
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