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Message Subject i need to get me a good SURVIVAL KNIFE,any recommendations would be help full
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Go to a few RESALE SHOPS....

Buy several Good Kitchen Knives. Your looking for Full-Tang blades. Chicago Cutlery makes great products. You want paring knives, Chef's Knives and carver knives. Pay about $2ea.

Leave you enough money for a good sharpener set, like a diamond hone and a ceramic stick set. A nice Arkansa stone is also good.

Keep your eye open for a decent hatchet and single bladed axe. Pawnshops are also a source for good deals.

Restaurant Supply houses sell great quality knives too; just not as cheap. A hD meat cleaver is a great tool for chopping.

Cold Steel makes a great utility knife called The Bushman which is all steel with a hollow handle that can adapt for use as a spear. They are cheap; probably still under $20. I paid $12 for mine.

If you want to learn about bush use of the knife; look for Ron Hood's The Hoodlums forum and maybe some of his videos.

Don't forget when pawnshopping, always take cash and offer at least half of the asking price. Make sure they know you're paying with cash for the best deal.

$100 can get you a great edged setup if you use it wisely and don't mind buying used. Just don't forget to get a decent sharpening system. Cheap kitchen knives like Old Hickory are carbon steel and they are ewasiest to sharpen and maintain. Stick to USA, Euro, or Japanese made stuff and you will be fine.

Have FUN Knife-Hunting!
 Quoting: Lester 58834049

some good points, I haven't explored this area much myself yet, although I have a good number of knives and including hand made Japanese.

one thing about the above route is that you can rebuild the knives eg. handles, grind off sharp points and even reshape the blades.
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