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Message Subject i need to get me a good SURVIVAL KNIFE,any recommendations would be help full
Poster Handle X1811
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You should have one knife for utility use and one sharp for when you really need it (wink). For starters, in most places you can carry a decent size folder anywhere.

-I've had a Spyderco Endura for 20 years and it's still very sharp (serrated). -I have an assist open Kershaw Ken Onion folder that is indestructible.
-When I was LE I bought a big Gerber Tanto automatic folder I recommend any of the bigger assist open Gerbers, which have grips that assist in using them as a closed hand impact weapon.

For fixed blade I have a Gerber LMF II combo blade which is a nice size, very solid with a pointed pommel. Lots of nice Gerber, Cold Steel, and other name brand fixed blade knives that are affordable. I think this is very handle for SHTF type use. Mine has a wire cutter built into the scabbard.

Check eBay for a basic price range.
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