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Message Subject Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Decoded - All Humans Are Cursed And Dead!
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This potc movie showed also if the lunar scum get defeated and captured by the galactic police the lunar boss will disguise himself as a regular pirate and have someone else pretend to be the captain/lunar boss.

And this exposes his strategy why he doesnt show his real face to anyone and religions also say not even his angels have seen his real face!(and no religious sheeple gets alarmed as to why so much effort to hide his true identity from everyone!)

Similar intel we have in the gospel of thomas where he mentions at jesus's crucifiction someone else had taken his place.

-Jack always told me that if anything
should ever happen to him...
he wanted you to be captain.
-Yeah, but the men voted for you.
That's why you got a captain's hat.
-Be that as it may...
them were his wishes, so be
a good lad and take the wheel.
And, uh, you...
take the captain's hat.
This is the proudest moment of my...
-We will beat your captain to death
until he reveals where they're heading.
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