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Message Subject Respond to this thread if you earn less than $60,000 a year and are surviving... I am doing a little experiment here to prove a point.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Is the point of working your life away just to "survive"?

I would love to do the Graduation speech for a graduating class of high school or college kids.

the world is NOT your oyster.
You CANNOT do whatever you want.
You WON'T succeed. At least 98% of you.
You will end up in a job working your life away, handing over the majority of your income to the government in one form of tax, license, fee, permit or another and if you are fortunate you will just have enough to survive.

Imagine how much better everyone would be if the govt would just fuk off.
But OP here thinks that if you make more than $65k you are a greedy SOB.

Perhaps some of us want to do more than just survive. Some of us want to help our kids out. Some of us worked our tails off for 45 years.
I would bet I've worked more hours and done more hard work than most people twice my age. And it isn't for the love of money. It was to pay the bills. Now that the business has taken off, I should cut back and only make $65k otherwise I'm greedy.
I don't think so. I spent a lot of time, sweat, blood and energy invested in this to do more than just survive.
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