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Message Subject Respond to this thread if you earn less than $60,000 a year and are surviving... I am doing a little experiment here to prove a point.
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Hell, I am going to go out on a limb here and tell you all my expenses:

Electricity - 400.00 a month.

Car Insurance (3 vehicles full coverage) 350.00 a month.

Food Costs $ 300.00 a month.

House payment $ 450.00 a month.

House Insurance $160.00 a Month.

Medical Expenses $200.00 a month.

Car Payments $400.00 a month for 2 vehicles

Misc expenses $200.00 a month.

Medical Insurance $200.00 a month family coverage.

It takes every single penny me and my wife earn paying those expenses, and I we are living paycheck to paycheck. My wife earns maybe 1/2th of my income.

I didn't include other expenses such as clothing expences, cellphones, etc.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13127957

what's the retirement plan?
look OP - I get it, between taxes, insurance, fees, licenses and all kinds of other crap, the government WANTS you just to break even. And then you die.
Obamacare is about killing off those who no longer contribute to the coffers of the government. THIS is what government controlled health care is all about. THEY don't want you living past 60. You are a net drain on society. So work hard, just get by, pay the government the lions share of your income and then die.
That is the lot for the majority of people today. And it will just get worse. Cancer is a type of "programed obsolesence" for the masses.
But why are you begrudging those who have managed to break free of the rat race?
It's not greedy to want to put away for your retirement or provide a little nest egg for your kids or make sure that you have enough squirreled away for your golden years.
That's not greed, that's just smart.
But at $65k/year if you control your expenses that you can control, you should be doing alright.
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