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Message Subject Respond to this thread if you earn less than $60,000 a year and are surviving... I am doing a little experiment here to prove a point.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
people can survive on eating rice and drinking water.
So therefore anyone who does more than this is greedy, by the same standards.

Sorry OP.
Yes, people can live on less than $65k per year and lots do. But I still don't get your point. So what?
If I want to eat a steak instead of rice, what's it to you?

This is the kind of thinking that TPTB use to push the living wage crap.
I know eventually it will end up there. Cashless society first, then everyone gets fake digital 'money' in their accounts that only exist in a digital world. And then the government tells you where to live, what to eat, how to get your butt to your job that the government told you to do.

Virtual slavery.
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