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Message Subject Respond to this thread if you earn less than $60,000 a year and are surviving... I am doing a little experiment here to prove a point.
Poster Handle BRYinTX
Post Content

I'll play

Electricity - 252.00 a month.

Car Insurance (3 vehicles full coverage) 300.00 a month.

Food Costs $ 800.00 a month.

House payment $ 1500.00 a month.

House Insurance $ incl. w/payment

Medical Expenses $100.00 a month.

Car Payments $300.00 a month for 2 vehicles

Misc expenses $400.00 a month.

Medical Insurance $ no cost for me
 Quoting: BRYinTX

Electricity - 0 (family property and we each take responsibility of a different utility bill)

Car insurance - 0 (no car)

Food costs - $600

House payment - 0

House insurance - 0

Medical expenses - 0

Car payment - 0

Medical insurance - 0

Water bill - $50

Cable/internet - $130.00

Prepay phone - $25 every 3 months
 Quoting: Rev Woo-Woo

are you my brother-in-law? that's about what he pays each month. of course, his mother and other family members pay for his house, electricity, etc.
 Quoting: BRYinTX

LOL! No, unlike you brother-in-law, I pay more than my share. There are 16 of us total on the land with 9 tiny houses. We split all expenses. However, there are 2 out of the clan that freeload. huffy
 Quoting: Rev Woo-Woo

wow. that's exactly the kind of setup i've contemplated for me and my wife's family. i just never knew it was something others did. i would love more info if you can point me in the right direction.
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