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Message Subject Did you know that there is an ancient book that foretold events that are happening in our lifetimes right before our very eyes?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Paul did not know Christ. He made up his own version of Christianity. His demeaning of women as well as many of his other teachings were not taught by Jesus.

The most highly-informative "Illuminati" defector of all time, (alias) Svali, tells:

"It (Illuminati/NWO) has infiltrated government on a local, state and national level; education and financial institutions; religion and the media"

Here is what happened to Jesus' family and followers when the Illuminati took over Christianity:

"Some reconciled themselves with the Roman church but only as individuals. Some passed into the anonymity of the Eastern rites. The rest were hunted as outlaws. But most of them died by the sword hunted by Roman garrisons as outlaws or by starvation when they were deprived of their small farms and were forced into the cities to be controlled and to be reduced to zero birthrate.

Their fate is an utter condemnation of the religion that claimed to represent Jesus Christ. They hunted down and killed his blood relatives because they stood in condemnation of the system that purported to represent him. It was totally opposed to all that he taught and practiced. The myth of the Virgin Mary, which was not her name in any case, was partly enforced to cover up this horrendous massacre of her descendants, and her relativeís descendants, who kept Godís laws and followed her firstborn son Yahoshua, the Son of God."

"The Council of Nicaea was convened, in 325 AD. This was where all the free-floating documents related to Jesus' ministry were gathered up by Emperor Constantine of Rome and compiled into the New Testament. There were many deletions, omissions and rewrites. Many gospels were completely left out, including the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

Now that original source documents of ALL the missing scriptures have been found - i.e. the Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea Scrolls - they are not being released, because the Church fears the effect it would have on the credibility of the New Testament. Books were deleted and entire passages were rewritten to artificially introduce distortions into the original teachings, such as the idea of an unbreakable 'Trinity' of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, which excludes the rest of us. I will have more to say on this in future updates.

So, they are not necessarily anti-Jesus, (in some cases,) but more 'anti' any religion that has founded around him. Strangely enough, according to Svali's testimony they actually infiltrated the very heart of the group they most despise - namely the Catholic Church. Since they have clearly gotten caught up in the illusion of power over others and self-serving / negative behavior, I do not support their ambitions, though I see the role they play in humanity's evolution."

[link to www.divinecosmos.com]
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