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shooter appearing in reno as provocatuer in anti-trump demo....ali mohammed..linda lee sanchez...9/11...

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10/05/2017 05:49 PM
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shooter appearing in reno as provocatuer in anti-trump demo....ali mohammed..linda lee sanchez...9/11...
the shooter appears in a pink t-shirt with the word NASA across the front and is wearing a pink skull cap with little devil ears protruding from the top...during the demonstration two gals approach him, one of them looking a lot like his girlfriend and the other running toward him yelling "hi steve"...

reno has been used as a psyop and a little bit more for the international energy trust/whore of babylon in an entertainment asset role if you will...ali mohammed married a gal named linda lee sanchez at the church of the silver bells in reno,

mohammed being a 5 language egyptian bodybuilder who received green beret/ranger special op training during the afghan-soviet war..he in turn taught the 9/11 muscle hijackers how to kill with their hands..linda lee sanchez was a lab tech at travis air force base brokering in p.e.d's to op pilots that mohammed certainly had to have been a part of...(remember previous posts as being a letter carrier in san diego who delivered p.e.d's covered in hgh labeling to an iranian student who was harboring two of the second plane muscle hijackers,the student also receiving a lot of mail from no. carolina where the special ops train)

and lets not forget that colin kapernick is part czeckoslovakian(as is trumps first wife)and he attended school in reno, the timing of his destabilizing protest helping trump politically, his handlers steering the public into an anti incumbent vote(blame the guy that fumbles instead of blaming the guy that called the play)..

so if we add it all up we see that all of this people,weoponry, and destabilization has allowed the whore of babylon the get a stay of execution...and we thank you for your support..