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Message Subject the aliens are waiting for him to arrive
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My boss hates my cactus efforts.

He's mad at me because I spend my money on cactus and cactus seeds.

I have like 100 cactus now, multiple hundreds of two month old seedlings, and over 1,000 week or so old seedlings.

I'm learning to graft the seedlings onto pereskiopsis, I got 50 cuttings to start.

My first effort on pereskiopsis looks good. I tried to start out with opuntia grafting, but those all failed.

I could understand if it was hookers and blow, or alcohol.

Haven't bought a quantity of weed in a couple months even.

If you want to know the truths, which are generally unknown or not accessible.

Seek out the south american sacred cactus.

Pretty much my only actual friend, and my best teacher.

That be my truth
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