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HELP! I need a free "Voodinar"(=Vodoo Webinar)!!!

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10/17/2017 09:59 AM
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HELP! I need a free "Voodinar"(=Vodoo Webinar)!!!
Reason: My brother in law doesnt want to give me my part of the money from the house my mother was selling(belonged to my mother!).
He says he needs it if my mother gets sick for the health payment(hospital and....), but my mother explicitly said, the money should be divided into three equal parts!
I had had three heart-attacks and am invalidity pensioner, get ~500 a month pension and my brother works at a famous car company with est. payment of 10000 /month.

is there anything I can do , btw. my brother is also a patent attorney, therefore I think he will be on the safe side for him regarding his "Theft".