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Message Subject So I want to apologize...
Poster Handle darkwolf007
Post Content
I have realized that some of my posts here lately have been rather harsh and even quite mean. I used to let things that anger me just roll off and I would move on, but lately I've become too opinionated without much of a filter. I am a Christian, but I haven't been acting very Christ-like. I do love Jesus, but I could make a sailor cringe with my language. LOL I recognize that I am a bad person, but I still need to try better than I am. I have been under an unprecedented amount of stress, but that's still not a good excuse. So, please forgive me GLP if I have offended any of you or caused you any emotional distress. I love GLP and have been here several years, but I think I'm going to go back to just lurking, because it just seems better that way.
 Quoting: BamaGirl73

Is this apology at least partially due to the fact that one AC in that one thread Saturday night was demanding the personal information of everyone on Government Benefits while proclaiming "it's not going to be publicly disclosed"?

I know you and I had rather heated opinions about that one AC, OP. I gave that AC many chances for redemption, but that AC was hellbent on being a self-righteous POS who will undoubtedly murder literally everyone they can with such personal information whomever is on Government Benefits. I had to leave within about five to ten minutes after my last post on that thread. So I'm not sure if that fool was continuing their psychopathic ranting on their demanding for the personal information of everyone on Government Benefits or not.

I find your posts on that thread, OP, to be yes, emotionally charged as were mine, about that AC's insanely asinine posts about the aforementioned posts, but if sane people like you, me, and others don't speak up it'll be those psychopaths such as that aforementioned AC who will easily win their desires and go on their much desired mass murders.
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