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Nothing is more poetic than the beginning of a love affair

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 75786025
11/02/2017 03:48 PM
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Nothing is more poetic than the beginning of a love affair
"Nothing is more poetic than the beginning of a love affair. A man and a woman meet, they smile at each other, exchange a few words or notice each other from afar and suddenly they feel inspired and become poetical within. But as soon as this love becomes physical, their feelings of wonder start to fade. How many people have noticed this! Yes, they have noticed it, but they do not draw any lessons from it: they make no effort to protect their blossoming love by remaining in the subtle regions for as long as possible.

Through curiosity and greed, men and women seek to go out immediately and explore the terrain, and even what lies beneath! Then, of course, things are no longer the same. They do not appreciate each other in the same way and are no longer in wonder, one for the other, as they know each other too well in situations which were not always the most attractive. Why do they not try to keep a certain distance between them so as to live as long as possible in the world of beauty, poetry, and light?"