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Subject Crooked Cop Mueller and Deep State Once Again Push Out Leaks as More News of DNC Corruption Comes to Light
Poster Handle Food Ninja
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A couple of weeks ago a report came out from the Hill that the FBI was investigating Russian activities in the US when Robert Mueller (as Head of the FBI), Hillary and the Obama Administration approved the sale of 20% of the USís uranium to Russia back in 2010. The fact that the American people and Congress were not informed was mischievous and even criminal. The fact that Obama and the Clintons approved the sale of 20% of the USís uranium to Russia was shocking and criminal. At the same time the Clintons received massive amounts of cash from the Russians in an apparent Ďpay to playí transaction where the Clintons received money in return for approving the uranium sale to Russia.

Less than 50%

[link to www.thegatewaypundit.com]


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