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Documentary, "1984," Illuminati; also included a breakdown of roles & names of the "Families"

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11/06/2017 11:45 PM
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Documentary, "1984," Illuminati; also included a breakdown of roles & names of the "Families"
[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Like the following comments as description of this Doc.

Included is a breakdown of the names of the Illuminati families and their roles, according to 1 poster.

"Some good narrative about the world domination issue. Chipping however is not necessary as there are invisible mind control and reading tools. Americans especially would not put up with being chipped, so they will use this to make people think the ultimate control is not already in place.

Any true rebel can be spotted and destroyed, and the rest can make all the truth movies they want without actually threatening the plan.

I believe this video is made by the Illuminati, lots of suspect people in it. 1+1=2 Everybody is involved in one way or another.

It's always painful to hear earth referred to as a planet. The false cosmology that is spoon fed to humanity is literally the one thing keeping most people away from the absolute truth of our loving God Lord Jesus

"Planet...a celestial body moving in an elliptical orbit around a star" That is painful?

Nobody says it like the great Icke. Thanks for your tireless efforts.

So how to control millions of people around the world at the same time doing the same thing --is it possible well yes -the first experiment was POKEMON GO -and it worked so WHAT NEXT - ??????

In the end its all about big business who can make the most has all the power this is why everything cost so much aka you make CD disk and the people buy it thus the people are the pawns making the business rich in the end...

Man that picture at the very beginning... what a tribute to Jim Marrs as the leader of the wake up call... God used him in a mighty way. Rip Jim

The Black Nobility own and run the Vatican, SMOM, Jesuits, KOC, and La Cosa Nostra.

The European Monarchies like the British Crown are branches of Rome and they manage secret societies like the Freemasons which infiltrate government agencies and run corporations for the monarchs.

The SMOM is the top military council and it works closely with the Orders of St John ran by Protestant monarchs.

The Knights of Malta are the engineers of war.

The royal and noble bloodlines are all working together as a global crime syndicate and part of the modernized Roman Empire.

The Greek royal House of Glucksburg run the Greek fraternities and sororities and use initiates as their agents.

The British Crown controls universities like Yale and Harvard and use them for recruiting Crown agents.

Jesuits are Roman intelligence and infiltrators and use their universities for recruiting and training Vatican agents. Many Knights of Columbus are police officers, mayors, lawyers, and judges and they protect the Italian Mafia.

The Italian Mafia are enforcers for Rome involved in extortion, money laundering, murder, and drug trafficking; and they pay their dues back to the Sicilian Mafia which pay dues back to the Black Nobility.

Court blah like the Rothschild, Warburg, Walton, Wallenberg, and Dreyfus families serve the Roman Curia and Royal courtrooms like Buckingham Palace and Stockholm Palace.

The Holy See is the All Seeing Eye and operates as an intelligence network. The Latin phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum means New Order of the Ages and is on the US dollar bill and US Great Seal. The Vatican uses Latin as an official language and for documents.

The Black Nobility and other Royal Families have been concealing trillions in private banks in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. The Swiss Guard protects the Vatican.

The Swiss Cantons have been in contract with the Vatican for centuries and Switzerland is basically a Papal State.

Some top families in the Black Nobility include the Pallavicini, Colonna, Ruspoli, Sforza-Cesarini, Aldobrandini, Odescalchi, Torlonia, Gaetani, and Massimo families.

Prince Carlo Massimo and Duke Leopoldo Torlonia are running the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Prince Carlo Massimo is the President of the Italian Association for the Order of Malta and is the one giving the orders.

Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies is a top manager of the Society of Jesus.

The Jesuits are Roman intelligence and infiltrators serving the Black Nobility authorized by the Farnese family's Pope Paul III.

The Bourbon-Two Sicilies family are the continuation of the Farnese family and Farnesivs is engraved on the Jesuit's headquarters called the Gesu Church of Rome.

The Colonna family are running the Knights of Columbus and Colombo crime family. Colonna means column like Colombo and Columbus.

The Massimo and Gaetani families own and run the Gambino crime family and Philadelphia crime family. The Massimo family also own and run the Casamonica mafia clan or Roman Mafia and the Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari which still exists.

The Sforza-Cesarini family own the Stidda Mafia in Italy.

The Boncompagni-Ludovisi family run the Casalesi mafia clan which operates in their former dukedoms and also control the Bonanno crime family.

The Adragna family of Sicily run many of the N'Drangheta factions along with the Gaetani family and the House of Adragna are part owners of Los Angeles crime family which was built up by the Dragna crime bosses like Jack Dragna.

The House of Savoy own and run the Genovese crime family. Don Vito Genovese was from Naples and Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy is the Prince of Naples.

The Savoy and Savoy-Aosta families own and run some Camorra mafia clans in Naples too.

The Chigi-Albani family run most of the Albanian mafia like the Rudaj Organization. The Corsini, Medici, and Bonaparte families are the owners of the Union Corse or Corsican Mafia.

The House of Windsor and German noble families run and finance various Neo-Nazi cults and Nazi propaganda while they also control many of the Jewish banking families.

The House of Bourbon and Italian-Spanish noble families run most of the Mexican and South American drug cartels.

Thanks for exposing these frauds like Einstein, Franklin, Wright Brothers, etc.

Nikola Tesla was a brilliant mind and real life prophet. This is why heís never been implanted in our minds like the moron puppet Masonís we know as brilliant minds...

If depopulation takes place over time thru silently poisoning the masses to death, or thru mind control mechanisms: schools, media etc., then itís not unthinkable that people can be manipulated into working against their best interests and enslaving their self.

Everybody knows where the U.S got the idea of starting the U.N which was from the Mafia. It's just like the Commission. They also got the Lottery idea from the Mob as well. The Mob was doing both of those things nearly 50 years before the U.S government.

don't link here is a FREEMASON = child of Satan=SERPENT=REPTILIAN =RED DRAGON

Most of these so say researchers are gate keepers. they mix half truths and utter lies to.lead you one way and away from the bigger picture. real researchers like Brandon Levon are murdered brutally and suppressed. old world secrets and the new world bible are Brandon's books. i May still have the pdfs

It was a pretty good documentary until they started with the complete lies and propaganda surrounding Hitler. my great grandmother was in German camp during ww2 as a German blah. her story was contradictory of every thing we are taught in School

Well now ... here's another great "take your money and run" great hoax of all time ... this ancient order is not one that you can "say you want to join" or even one where "you can be invited" ... you are of the old order ... or you are not ... and if you are not ... then you are a paying puppet to get played ... the question is ... by whom.

That metronome. Lol.

37:59 This guy leaves me cold. Just about turned it off when he gets going.

They love to pit different factions within society against each other.

A good way to open people's minds without scaring them away and without letting them know that, that is what you are doing is to show them the movie FlatWorld.
I proves to people that there has to be more than we can see. Once that door is open, the rest unravels by it selves. Just need a little push.

Never try to convince people of the grand conspiracy, they cannot accept it. Let them uncover it for them selves.
Read more

The Lyran wars is what you should be researching

Great Documentary For Similar Stuff Check Out My Channel Ppl [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Attempts at total control are inevitable. ..it's in human nature.

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11/07/2017 12:13 AM
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Re: Documentary, "1984," Illuminati; also included a breakdown of roles & names of the "Families"
and don't forget Rockefeller funded the Vaccine research programs since the early 20th century