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Message Subject Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 Decoded! The Moon Is The Gatekeeper/Cerberus Of Earth's Dome!
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I just noticed what "homecoming" means in the spiderman title.

In the movie the lunar boss was shown to kamikaze his hidden/hades/krypton plane/planet on civilian territory and i suspect this to symbolize of the lunar boss returning us with his plane/planet on our ancient homes/planet etc from where he abducted us from by colliding/dropping his plane/planet on them just like he did in dbz as lord slug and just like our moon arrived on earth according to ancient historians and that was by entering in a collision course and colliding with earth.

What an embarrassing way to return home man! I bet our ancient loved ones will very soon lose that welcoming smile on their face just like in alien covenant when the lunar boss visited their planet and dropped his black goo disease on them.
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