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Message Subject Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 Decoded! The Moon Is The Gatekeeper/Cerberus Of Earth's Dome!
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Worth mentioning peter parker called his suit Liz which is his tranny girlfriend and short for lizard.(reptilian brain and flesh symbolism).(it had its own consciousness and personality too, crysis 2 suit symbiosis symbolism)

Later a guy confused him for a male and a female which proves my point that our reptilian flesh suits are inherently trannies made in lunar boss's tranny image.

- [IN DEEP VOICE] Remember me?
-I need information.
You'll give it to me now.
- All right, chill.
- Come on!
- What happened to your voice?
- What do you mean?
-I heard you by the bridge.
I know what a girl sound like.
-I'm not a girl. I'm a boy.(reminded me the boy lunar boss from exodus gods and kings and mr nobody movies)
I mean, I'm a... I'm a man.
-I don't care what you are, a boy, a girl...
-I'm not a girl. I'm a man.

Later tony stark called humans "little people" just like jesse blue/lunar boss from saber rider was doing and it so felt like the lunar boss him/herself directs those hollywood movies!

-Stay close to the ground.
Build up your game helping little people,
like that lady that bought you the churro.
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