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Message Subject Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 Decoded! The Moon Is The Gatekeeper/Cerberus Of Earth's Dome!
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Would like to add this spiderman homecoming movie showed also that our flesh suit like a cyborg records everything we see and hear. This was shown also in ender's game and in amazing spiderman 2 where spiderman told a black guy "you are my eyes and ears out there" giving away the lunar boss like professor x can connect(or is always connected) to our brain/flesh suit any time and see and hear everything we do.

They gave us also similar intel the 2012 movie did "when they tell you not to panic that's when you run" in the elevator scene that was crashing down and the police woman was telling them "everything is normal, no need to worry etc".

Oh at the end of the movie when tony stark told to spiderman
"look at the suit, look at me", that was a subliminal that he is the suit, similar to our flesh and brain which is the hive mind subconscious network of satan/lunar boss/professor x.

They showed also how he gets all the credit for all the hard work we do(like religions's god), when at the end of the movie spiderman was tricked to leave and tony stark was left alone with all the reporters.
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