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Message Subject Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 Decoded! The Moon Is The Gatekeeper/Cerberus Of Earth's Dome!
Post Content
From this thread
Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!! (Page 215)

Just came across this thread
Thread: Stephen Hawking: Earth Will Become A Flaming Ball Of Fire By 2600
where was said

"Physicist and professor Stephen Hawking is warning that earth will become a flaming ball of fire by the year 2600.

He also warns that if humans want to avoid permanent extinction, we should be making plans to evacuate the earth.

Hawking claims that mankind will destroy the earth making it a fireball within the next 600 years. The renowned physicist believes soaring population sizes and consequential increasing demands for energy and food will lead to the catastrophe. Hawking also says that humanity should begin looking to the stars to avoid this fate, with our nearest neighbor Alpha Centauri the best candidate for our escape. Hawking also urged financial backers to put funds behind a project that would send probes to the star system."

And wow didnt i hit the nail when i decoded the exodus movie!
Thread: Exodus Gods and Kings Movie Decoded - Humans/Slaves Get The Memo!
In short the owners of this planet say

"Humans you're too many, get the hell out of here or we'll start culling the herd"

By the way they were maintaining humanity at 500 million like the georgia guidestones order for thousands of years and to let humanity climb to 8 billion within 100 years and giving us access to new technology etc reveals to me that they have something big going on.

You dont raise the numbers of your slaves 16 times above the limit you were maintaining for thousands of years unless there's a big war coming or you plan to invade a neighbor land/planet and expand your kingdom.

Oh the new star wars trailer came to mind

Where at 0:09 is shown something that looks very close to our antarctic wall to be surrounded by the galactic empire's forces.

This reminded me the intel that was shown in exodus gods and kings and in divergent allegiant movies that our planet/arena has already been spotted by the galactic police and is under quarantine and pharaoh/lunar boss to plan to surprise attack them using his slaves.

And now this just reminded me what was said in the spiderman homecoming movie how we are slaves identical to those slaves in exodus movie.

-Those people, Pete,
those people up there,
the rich and the powerful,
they do whatever they want.
Guys like us, like you and me,
they don't care about us.
We build their roads
and we fight all their wars
and everything, but they
don't care about us.
We have to pick up after 'em.
We have to eat
their table scraps.
That's how it is.

From exodus movie

-They are not Egyptians.
They are slaves, Moses.
What else do you expect?
They wouldn't know what to do...
If all of a sudden they were left
to fend for themselves like animals.
-Do not call them animals!
from an economic standpoint alone...
What you're asking...
Is problematic to say the least.
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