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Subject the fruitful oil dripping olive branches of revelation 11..the 2 witnesses..
Poster Handle nicolaem
Post Content
remembering that apocolypse means unveiling and it unveils a timeline, lets take a look at these words, words that st. john of kronstadt to embrace each and every one....

understanding that the opening of the timeline is the beast that rises up out of the sea, the beast being the all powerful energy biz, and that osama bin ladin and imin zawahiri are linked into the arabian largesse as the two witnesses, we see the word fruit representing wealth...

the oil dripping is self explanatory as the regulated, price gouging, supply manipulation that bedecks the whore of babylon in jewels......the olive branch represents the 1938 12 year, economy draining concession fight won by the flying goat which was the maturing standard oil, coming to its fruition during the age of flight... don't be fooled gplers...we await the death of imin zawahiri, at which point(about a half week)the unprecedented quake occurs near the caspian sea..we may just have had a 7.3 foreshock in iraq... and we thank you for your support..
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