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Message Subject Asymptotes, Asymmetry and the silicon Age
Poster Handle QuarksandProtons
Post Content
Where do neural precursors begin?

Short chain fatty acids.

How ? Conversion in the gut of fibre.

They are blood brain permeable.

They alter mood and endocrine function.

Now ask yourself how this fits into this morass of a thread.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77354515

I don't know. But are ALL neural precursors formed from these fibers? It doesn't seem like it. Phosphatidylserine - acetylcholine.

How is Jesus a myth to you? What part of the story?
 Quoting: QuarksandProtons

No...but they are derived from the digestive process and interuption in the form of inflammatin makes them less bioavailable.

What is a myth but the propagation of a memetic archetype?.

What is culture but the definitin of roles and ideas?.

Is the history or opportunity of messiah derived from and by multiple cultural sources?

Is that which is Jesus a conflation of these sources?

What are the pertinent paralells and what is derived from the psychology they unlock?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77354515

I've had visions of Christ, the light of God and Heaven amongst other things I will not share here and far too many coincidences and signs and been told far too much and experienced far too much with too many miraculous incidents to ever think Jesus is a myth. Some things on the order of impossible or mathematically improprable. All of this since I have known you. Jesus is not a myth.
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