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Message Subject Testimonies of Miracles Angels etc...proof of God / Yahuah & Son Jesus / Yeshua
Poster Handle tiger1
Post Content
This topic thread will have videos and website links about the testimonies by everyday folks of miracles & angels...and of experiences they've had with God our Father and His Son Jesus.

It is ALSO an "extension" of Scrump's great thread from years ago...

Thread: Have you ever witnessed a Miracle? I have, more than once. Post it here, if so. I'll start...

Just a few short years ago it was difficult to find / hear etc...about the experiences of others with God & His Son.

Each day, more and more folks are speaking up about their walk with God Yahuah and His Son Yeshua.


If you have others, please feel free to share hi book goodnews angel1

These are archives of a radio call-in show called Kurt Goff Live, done by the Moody Network on Sun - Thurs nights from 11 pm to 5 am. Each night is a different "topic" (some not so great I admit), but there are always folks who tell a story of God's or Yeshua's interaction with them.

Music etc...is removed from each recording, so that each "archive" is anywhere from 2 - 3 hrs long.

[link to www.moodyradio.org (secure)]

Each show is also available on iTunes.

[link to itunes.apple.com (secure)]
 Quoting: TheLordsServant

God has smited me with malformity. He blinded me from the womb, he was intent that I have constant migraines, and that I lose my vision.

I was birthed with massive deformities to my spine and other portions of my skeletal structure.

God doesn't exist, no one with mercy would allow beings to suffer in such a fashion.

I hope that I die, and then I won't have to put up with this world anymore.

If there is a god, please take me, please make me not exist.
 Quoting: Tricks

God loves you ! You are created for a purpose, and you are PERFECT in His sight. God looks not at the outward appearance, but what is in the heart and soul of people. Do not believe satan, as he is the father of lies.

Jesus, protect and deliver this person from the attacks of the devil. Surround them with Your Angels. Give comfort to this saddened heart. Make their soul leap for joy in thy love.Amen.
 Quoting: tiger1

God/Jesus has done nothing for me.

They allow me to be in constant pain.

My only wish is to not exist, and they won't even grant me that.
 Quoting: Tricks

This world is temporary. Heaven is eternal.Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart and soul. Let Him in. God is our refuge in times of trouble. Ask with sincerity and you will receive the help you need.
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