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Message Subject Testimonies of Miracles Angels etc...proof of God / Yahuah & Son Jesus / Yeshua
Poster Handle TheLordsServant
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The pastor mentioned in the below video, who had the flu in the tape is Duane Miller, and he wrote a book.

The below is from this link LESS THAN 50%

[link to justus.anglican.org]

Miller, Duane. Out of the Silence: A Personal Testimony of God's Healing Power. Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Miller was a Baptist pastor in Texas who came down with the flu. It penetrated his vocal chords, making him unable to speak for more than two years, forcing him to give up his pastorate. The book tells of his descent into the "pit," emotionally, because of this experience, but it also tells of the incredible faithfulness of the Sunday School class he had taught at First Baptist in Houston. He returned there from Brenham, Texas, where he had been pastoring, and they found a special mike system which, when held right to his lips, would project his voice so it could usually be heard. He was teaching on Psalm 103, using this system, when he was literally healed in mid-sentence on the word "pit." What is so awesome is that, because the class was always taped, his healing was taped -- and the tape comes with the book. One minute, you hear this raspy whisper, then the voice change on the word "pit," then his becoming overcome at the healing, and the joyous response of his class. You can almost feel the power of God come through on the tape. It is a powerful testimony to God's faithfulness, love, and healing power. (Audrey Arnst)

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

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