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Message Subject The Noodles that Cause Chronic Inflammation, Weight Gain, Alzheimerís and Parkinsonís Disease
Poster Handle Catseye
Post Content
If the sodas were diet sodas, containing Aspertame, he was asking for trouble.

my friend eats a lot of junk like this, trying to eat cheaply

he recently had an infection below his knee that would bothering him for days so he went to an urgent care center

his blood sugar was 500

I have been schooling him on food, like explaining basic food groups and stuff, like carbs, proteins, fats, just for that reason, because heís getting older now and canít just eat anything

so they told him heís got type II diabetes

the biggest thing that pushed him over the edge probably was that he was drinking 4-10 sodas every day
 Quoting: Catseye

 Quoting: Bigbird69

i donít remember if they were diet or not because I told him it doesnít matter, any carbonated water, soda, gatorade, powerade, these all have a very low ph, like 3

they creat acids in your body and mess you up, aspartame will make it worse but I told him no soda, period

now heís off the soda and I think his body will normalize and he will get over this diabetes episode since it hasnít gone on for too long

but they have him on blood lowering medication now, so I told him heís going to have to be extra careful, as his body recovers, itís going to lower his blood sugar back to normal

and the blood sugar lowering drugs will lower it even further, so he has to make sure it doesnít get too low

I hope he gets through this, he is really stubborn

I told him about checking his feet, too

that happens a lot down here, people losing limbs from diabetes, because they are ignorant as hell
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