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All those moralists who have condemned a woman’s wish to be beautiful haven't understood that its the task of a woman to bring beauty to Earth

Anonymous Coward
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11/19/2017 07:56 AM
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All those moralists who have condemned a woman’s wish to be beautiful haven't understood that its the task of a woman to bring beauty to Earth
Beauty - the mission of women is to bring it to the earth

"Moralists have heaped so much criticism on women! Among the main reproaches made is their wish to be beautiful. And yet, it is not a crime; on the contrary. If women did not seek beauty, they would have brought generations of terribly ugly children into the world. It is the mother who passes beauty on to her children; she is the one who shapes them. This is why, throughout the time she is carrying them, she must wish for beauty for them. All those moralists who have condemned a woman’s wish to be beautiful have not understood that it is the task of a woman, of a mother, to bring beauty to the earth. Men do not think much about cultivating beauty – they have other concerns. So if women didn’t think about it!…
Women are right, therefore, to seek beauty, so that they can pass it on to their children. They should understand, however, where and how to look for true beauty, spiritual beauty, so that one day they may bring heaven down to earth through their children."


Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/19/2017 08:04 AM
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Re: All those moralists who have condemned a woman’s wish to be beautiful haven't understood that its the task of a woman to bring beauty to Earth
Hope for the World: Spiritual Galvanoplasty

What is Spiritual Galvanoplasty?

'...whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.'

How often do Christians the world over read this verse of the Gospels without realizing what it means! What is the correspondence between heaven and earth? Here heaven and earth represent the two principles, the two opposite poles of masculine and feminine, positive and negative, which can be found everywhere in life and everywhere in nature. Between those two poles there is a ceaseless, uninterrupted ciculation and correspondence.

In the following verse Jesus says, 'Again I say unto you that if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my father in heaven. For, where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.'

All creation is the result of the masculine and feminine principles, which are themselves the reflection, the continuation of the two cosmic principles responsible for the creation: the divine Father and Mother. Our heavenly Father and nature, the divine Mother, are the result, the polarization of the Absolute, the non-manifested Principle which the Cabbalah calls Ain Soph Aur, or Light Everlasting. The two principles are everywhere throughout nature in varying forms, but, whether on the earth or inside the earth, at the bottom of the seas or high up in the atmosphere, it is always those two principles at work! They exist also inside man, in both his physical and his psychic bodies, where the masculine principle expresses itself in the mind and spirit and the feminine principle in the heart and soul.

Action is the result of the mind and heart, of their combined thinking and feeling. Together the mind and heart give birth to action and, when our thoughts are correct and good and our feelings are loving and unselfish, then the action is positive and constructive! Action is invariably the child of the mind and heart. People are active even when their minds and hearts are not fully developed ... in which case the child, or action, will be the result of the absence of the mind and heart, but even when it is thoughtless and unemotional our action is still the product of mind and heart. The nature of the child depends upon the degree of evolution of the parents, it is good or bad, intelligent or stupid, depending upon their degree of love and intelligence. But it is always the mother and father principle, that is, heaven and earth working together.

Now, suppose you plant a seed. In so doing you are 'binding something on earth and binding something in heaven,' for the earth will send the elements it has to make it grow and come to fruition, and the heavens will send rain to water it and sunlight to warm it! heaven and earth are in liaison to keep the seed alive ... all you did was to plant the little seed in the ground, but your action released something in heaven and earth. And when you eat your daily food, is the food not exactly like the seed you put in the ground (your stomach), stirring heaven (your mind) to send down the forces and currents that will transform it into energy? As the food enters the stomach, forces rush from all over your system to render it useful.

The joint action of the heart and mind is to 'bind and unbind.' The work of the heart is to unite, to synthesize, to link everything, and consequently it may even sometimes make stupid links; the work of the mind is to analyse, to divide and separate, to destroy. It is not by chance that the world is in the process of destroying itself: the mind is now in first place, considered more important than anything else, to the exclusion of everything else. It is high time we decided once and for all to recognize the importance of the heart, the love of the heart that revives and restores and unites with its warmth. Not that we should exclude the mind entirely, no, but it must work together with the heart. How, in what way? Here is a little story that will show you what I mean.

One day, two men came before the judge, accused of stealing apples from a private orchard. When it became evident that one of them was blind and the other a legless cripple, no one could figure out how they could have done it. The first one said, 'How could I have stolen the apples, your Honour, I am blind!' And the second one said, 'How could a cripple reach the apples to steal them?' The judge was about to dismiss them, being persuaded of their innocence, when all of a sudden he cried, 'I know what happened! They could never have stolen the apples separately, of course, but if the blind man put the cripple on his shoulders, it would make a whole man, and together they could easily have stolen the apples or anything else!'

That is what the mind and heart are like: those two thieves. The heart is blind (as the whole world knows only too well), but it can walk and run and even gallop when it wants to, a heart moved by desire can go anywhere it wants. The mind only sees and observes, it can do nothing without the heart to transport it. Together however, they can do whatever they choose, perform miracles or commit crimes.

This role of the heart and mind applies in many fields, physics, mathematics, psychology and so on; always the same role of the two principles, masculine and feminine, at the origin of all action and manifestation. Now we come to the phenomenon of Galvanoplasty. I am going to describe this experiment to you in order to prove, to show how it can be applied to another field no one has ever thought of applying it to: the human being. Properly interpreted, it can affect the human being and the way he functions in a most interesting and important way. This is the phenomenon of Galvanoplasty:

Two electrodes are wired to a battery and immersed in a basin filled with a metallic solution ... gold, silver, brass or anything else you choose. The anode, or positive pole (+pole) is a plate made of the metal. The cathode or negative pole (-pole) is a mould, a coin or medal with an image, made of guttapercha and lead. When the battery is turned on, the anode regenerates the liquid solution as it dissolves, and the cathode becomes coated with metal. Your mould si then coated with gold or silver or whatever metal you choose.

The four elements required in this experiment are: the battery which produces the current, the solution in which the metal is dissolved, the positive electrode (anode) and the negative electrode (cathode) to which the metal is to adhere.

The experiment may be a simple one, but it is most important when applied to human beings. The battery, the solution, the anode and cathode, are comparable to the spirit, the soul, the mind and heart of man. The functions are identical. Considered from a mathematical point of view, the exercises are also similar, for the heart adds, the mind subtracts, the soul multiplies and the spirit divides, just as the cathode adds (as it captures the elements in the solution), the anode subtracts (the metal dwindles down to nothing as it dissolves), the solution multiplies (as the ions are transformed into atoms, molecules and electrons), and the battery divides because it distributes the force, the current which makes all the rest function.

The phenomenon of Galvanoplasty teaches us how to work with the forces of life. By putting the anode in our minds, that is, by having only the most incorruptible thoughts (pure gold) and by nourishing the highest ideal, an image of perfection in our hearts (the solution of love), and by linking ourselves to the spirit (battery), or God within, then we receive his strength and life-giving force. We are filled each day with the current, the subtle substance that develops the qualities we were given by God when he created usk, but which have been lying dormant. As they develop they change the form of our body, so that gradually we begin to have the aspect, the face and mien of our Heavenly Father.

This process I call Spiritual Galvanoplasty. The same phenomenon can be applied to the child before it is born... but we will come to that later. (see chapter X)

In order for the circulation of energy to be established between our Father and us, we must link ourselves to Him. How? Jesus says, 'If on earth two of you agree to ask whatsoever it may be, they will obtain it from my Father who is in heaven. For, where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.' That is to say, where there is the light of the mind, the love of the heart, and the action of the will, there will I be also. The three must be linked together.
Sometimes the presence of two is enough to obtain the third. Jesus said two or three, not four or five: two being the one who thinks and the one who desires ... and three for the child that is born of those two. To obtain results there must be more than thoughts and feelings, there must be action, or the fruit of our thoughts and feelings.

When Jesus said, 'If two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven...' he was not referring to people. Supposing you are alone in the desert, would Christ not be with you simply because you were alone? Jesus was referring to the mind, the heart, and the will of man. If that is what you believe, whether you are alone or with hundreds of others, the Christ will be there with you as long as your thoughts and feelings are united in an endeavour to do something in His Name.

From this phenomenon of Galvanoplasty we learn one more law that will help us in our struggle to evolve. If you have understood what I said today, you will choose an image of perfection, a higher being to resemble, a lofty Ideal to attain, and you will place that image in your heart and contemplate it in your mind with longing and adoration. Thus you will establish the spiritual current and your soul will be filled with the divine substance that will bring you little by little to your Ideal.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov