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Alamo and Phelps Fearlessly Speak-Out About Vatican Corruption

By Greg Szymanski
User ID: 220235
United States
04/08/2007 12:33 AM
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Alamo and Phelps Fearlessly Speak-Out About Vatican Corruption
[link to www.arcticbeacon.com]

Alamo and Phelps Fearlessly Speak-Out About Vatican Corruption

Saying they fear God more than Satan’s earthly followers, both men are not afraid to openly talk about Vatican minions in media, government and religious organizations.

By Greg Szymanski

April 4, 2006

So many people have fallen victim to the Vatican’s campaign of deceit, deception and confusion that it’s hard to break through the devil’s evil veil in hopes of getting at the truth.

Pastor Tony Alamo and Vatican Assassin’s author, Eric Jon Phelps, are two modern day patriots who have broken through the veil, trying on a daily basis to expose the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order, the Vatican and especially their henchmen in the Jesuit Order.

Pastor Alamo spoke for two hours Wednesday on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, telling people he has spent the better part of the last 40 years exposing Vatican corruption.

Alamo spreads his message through his various ministries across the country, including a rigorous daily radio schedule, including broadcasts on numerous AM and FM stations from coast to coast as well as overseas. He also meets people directly on the streets through many of his ministry followers, who have passed out hundreds of millions of brochures exposing Vatican corruption.

“The only way to defeat Satan and his most evil organization on earth, The Vatican, is to find ultimate salvation in the Lord through the words in the Bible,” said Alamo. “I do not fear these evil people, but only fear God if I do not follow his word. He has told me to expose the evil residing in the Vatican and that is what I will continue to do.”

Alamo on the radio show that the Vatican/Jesuit Order deception, deceit and murderous ways knows no earthly boundaries, having infiltrated all of the world’s major religions, governments and media outlets.

And according to many researchers of Vatican power, patriots are beginning to see how the Vatican has even infiltrated the so-called alternative media as well as truth movements like 9/11.

“They have taken over the media and the Vatican agents are working overtime to destroy America and this earth in what has become known as the Illuminati or New World Order,” added Alamo.

In an earlier interview, Alamo recounted his personal experience with Jesus on his ministry web site at www.alamoministries.com, as he reveals a miraculous story about what happened when Jesus spoke with him at a time in his life when he was a fun-loving, hell-raising Hollywood record producer who hob-nobbed with the big shots and movie stars.

"I was one of the most unlikely people to be chosen to spread the Gospel, but after Jesus came to me while in a Hollywood meeting with lawyers and movie stars, I quit my record promoting business and starting spreading the word of God and preaching the words in the Bible," said Alamo Tuesday on Greg Szymanski's international radio show, The Investigative Journal, on the Republic Broadcasting Network at www.rbnlive.com

"Over the years my ministry has grown by leaps and bounds. I first learned many years ago about the Vatican's involvement in the New World Order from my first wife, who has since passed on. And what the Vatican hates most and why they have attacked and, still are, I might add, is someone like me who breaches the word of God, who preaches the word of truth and who is not afraid of Satan and his followers.

"In fact, once you find Jesus, God is the one to fear, not the criminals in the Vatican and all their evil workers."

And Pastor Alamo has been teaching people about the word of God and the evil residing in Rome for more than three decades, having coming face to face with the eye of Satan on many occasions, including unwarranted FBI and government harassment.

As told by former FBI agent John Peeler, assigned the task to murder Pastor Alamo on orders from then Gov. William Jefferson "Blythe" Clinton, the former self-proclaimed FBI jack-booted thug, said Alamo was a good man targeted by the evil Vatican-led New World Order.

Recently, Peeler came forward on Greg Szymanski's radio show, saying he quit the FBI after he couldn't carry out the Alamo assassination since he personally found out Alamo was "a good man, a man of God and only doing good things."

"I had to leave the FBI after I couldn't carry out the Alamo assignment. I then went to Pastor Alamo and apologized," said Peeler in a recent radio interview on The Investigative Journal. "After the FBI couldn't find any dirt on him, authorities had to trump up a bogus tax violation which finally landed Pastor Alamo in prison for six years."

Regarding the prison sentence, Alamo said he was "railroaded" in court, but made the best out of four years spent in federal prison by "saving thousands of souls and spreading the word of God" while serving his time.

In an article on his web site entitled Pastor Alamo, a Victim of Outrageous IRS Conduct, he cites how he cites how he was framed by the government. Here is the opening portion of the story:

"Congress only exposed the tip of the iceberg," said Pastor Tony Alamo. "I am in prison because the IRS lied about me and my church, relied on preposterous and fabricated tales from a notorious anti-religious group, the Cult Awareness Network (CAN), withheld material from my attorneys that they were legally bound to reveal, offered rewards to get witnesses to cooperate, threatened several witnesses, and lied under oath in a court of law in order to cover up these abuses."

Pastor Alamo continued, "The government relied on false information from the Cult Awareness Network to murder innocent men, women and children in Waco, and they relied on these same liars to falsify charges against me. The IRS used the Cult Awareness Network, a professional fabrication company, to prosecute innocent churches. And their chief fabricator was Peter Georgiades, a Pittsburgh lawyer. The government even allowed this scurrilous organization to literally write my pre-sentence investigation report (PSI). Worse, the Parole Board adopted CAN's anti-religious fabrications causing me not to get parole or to go to a minimum security facility. No one I ever spoke with has ever heard of an outside organization being able to influence a PSI, but the so-called Justice Department allowed CAN to load my PSI with blatant lies. CAN made their money by trying to destroy churches and God-fearing people.

We all cheered when a jury found them guilty of kidnapping and religious persecution, and they were forced into bankruptcy and finally closed."

"Now, we all watched this past week as Acting Commissioner Michael Dolan and other IRS agents admitted in Congress that they bald-faced lied and fabricated evidence that ruined people's lives, their reputations and businesses." said Pastor Alamo. "One IRS agent even admitted that the IRS is responsible for numerous suicides of innocent Americans. I am an innocent victim of the IRS. President Clinton should grant me an immediate pardon, and if the government wants to right the wrongs, they should restore the church's stolen properties and make restitution on the businesses that were destroyed."

The hearings provided a wealth of IRS horror stories. For example, the IRS went after a church in Conklin, NY after it had warned citizens in an ad that voting for Clinton would be a sin. "The same thing happened to me," said Pastor Alamo. "A 20-year now-retired veteran of the IRS made clear in the hearings that all the agents knew what organizations to go after. They didn't need a call from the president. After I did an exposé on President Bush, our church's tax-exempt status was taken away, our properties and businesses stolen," said Alamo. "What is more, I was living in Los Angeles when I was falsely arrested. I was transferred to Memphis, Tenn., an area I had no relationship to, where Bush-appointed Judge McCalla presided over my trial."

IRS agents confessed that they went after high profile cases as trophies to bag. "I was such a high-profile case. The Lord, through my wife Susan and I, built a highly-anointed of the Holy Spirit Christian world-wide ministry, which the IRS made controversial by using CAN's fabrication of us and what we were doing in the Lord's service," said Alamo. "The government constantly relies on their fairy tales and nightmarish interpretations of us. And these days it seems it's easier to sell fiction to the public than the truth. But the truth is, we had won many souls to the Lord, and I continued the Lord's work after Susan's death. We built homes for our parishioners, opened schools, and taught young people skills. The IRS took this away because some opportunistic agents decided I was a good high-profile publicity prize. The lives of thousands of good Christians were meaningless to these people.

Although Alamo was released in the late 90's, he still is the subject of government harassment and Vatican smear campaigns to discredit his character but, most importantly, to discredit his ministry, which has been the focal point of Vatican and Jesuit infiltration for many years.

"They are now spreading lies that I have been married to hundreds of women and accusing me of being a pedophile. These are all lies, of course, but this is how the Vatican and Satan's followers operate," said Alamo, adding he has forgiven Peeler for his past FBI wrong doings and is also trying to get Peeler's son out of prison after he was framed for a murder he didn't commit when Peeler went public with the real truth about Alamo, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City and 9/11.

Alamo spreads the word of God from Churches he has established in California, Arkansas and other various locations, saying he also shares "the Vatican Message" on his international radio show.

"We also have thousands of people passing out flyers, like my article "The Pope's Secret" directly to people on the streets. Trying to reach them eye-to-eye and face-to-face.

"As we know the media also has been corrupted by the Vatican and going to the streets with millions of flyers over the years has been quite effective."

If you haven't read one of Alamo's articles on his web site or on a one of the millions of street handouts, here is the opening paragraph of an article entitled "The Pope's Secrets":

"The Vatican is posing as Snow White, but the Bible says that she is a prostitute, "the great whore," a cult (Rev. 19:2).1 She uses government agency branches in every country, including the United States, as her vicious little dwarfs. The more power and control she gets in government, the more she will fade away into the background in her "Snow White" disguise so that government will be used and blamed for all her evil deeds." to read fill story go to www.alamoministries.com.

Both Alamo and Phelps have been given a forum on The Investigative Journal to air their views as there exists a blackout in the mainstream about Vatican corruption. Further, there is very little room even in the alternative media to talk about Vatican corruption, indicating the evil hand of the Jesuits are present there, as well.

In response to this blackout, Alamo and Phelps believe it is important to expose everyone involved in hiding Vatican corruption, including preachers, politicians and journalists.

“The Bible demands this,” said Phelps who made this statement in a recent Investigative Journal interview, adding anyone in a position of government or media power who does not discuss the Vatican issue openly is suspect.

Here are a number of recent emails sent to the Arctic Beacon from Phelps, revealing Vatican corruption as well as people he thinks covering for the Vatican:

“…The Jerusalem Temple will some day be rebuilt and animal sacrifices will be restored. It is all a matter of when not if according to Daniel 9:26 and Matt. 24:15”

“…Although I know that actor Fred Thompson is necessarily dirty in order to recieve good press for his supposed presidential bid, I did not know he was involved in any way with "framing" Gore. Are you still believing the nonsense Tom Heneghen is spreading about Gore? Please, do some analysis on your own part, for example:

“Do you really believe that Al Gore, whose father was a Senator connected with Armand Hammer and Jacob Schiff, was really a good guy while both he and Clinton gave away our nuclear high-tech secrets to Red China? (See The China Threat.)

“Do you really believe that Gore was in fact a true candidate against Bush back in 2000 (the CFR controlling both parties and thus both candidates? The voter fraud in Florida was obvious to all----especially the Black congressmen and women. As recorded by Roman Catholic Jesuit Coadjutor Michael Moore in his Fahrenheit 911, all that was needed was one signature from one US Senator and the entire election could have been investigated. VP Gore at this time was presiding over the House and Senate during this key meeting. I remember the son of Jesse Jackson who said, "It is a sad day Mr. Speaker (Gore) when not one senator will sign this petition." If Gore would have wanted to really challenge Bush's "election," he could have found at least one Senator to sign that petition! No, Gore overruled Jackson and several other Black congressmen and solidified Bush's enthronement. Gore was nothing more than a pretended candidate for president. He never wanted to win or attempted to win. The election was a dog and pony show, no more! And both actors knew it as they were under orders from Egan!

“Gore is a low down dirty traitor just like his accomplices in crime, Bill Clinton, the Bushs and a host of CFR others. In VAIII I have a picture of the master of the Empire sitting with Bush on his right and Gore on his left at the Al Smith Dinner. That master was none other than Edward Cardinal Egan, all three of them laughing and having a bloody good ball---at the expense of the duped American people!”

“ndeed, Pope John Paul II was a gangster and coordinated both the CIA and KGB for years. He betrayed his own Polish people into the hands of Soviet inquisitors while pretending to be against "the communists." Indeed, JPI should be honored as he thought he was really the Pope and sought to attack the corruption on many levels which led to his receiving of "the poison cup."

Phelps recently questioned radio broadcaster, Alex Jones, for not entertaining Vatican corruption. In response to Phelps’ charges, an email was posted at myspace.com regarding the issue:

“Ever since I saw Jones confronting David Gergen about Bohemian Grove I have been suspicious. How, three years after 9/11(at the time) could a former member of the Grove, CFR, and TC not know who Jones was??? Let’s look at Jones friends Charlie Sheen, and Hutton Gibson. Why do they never mention the Vatican or the Jesuits at all? Hutton Gibson and his son Mel Gibson are Opus Dei! Martin Sheen chose the last name Sheen after a Bishop who did a lot of work helping out Jesuits. Is there more to Jones than he is willing to talk about? Is he for real, or is he controlled opposition? Greg Szymanski of Arcticbeacon.com claims that he was denied a job at the GCN radio network (note: this is GCN’s second network, We The People Radio) because he often spoke about the Vatican and the Jesuits. There looks to be something to this, Jones has to come clean.”

Phelps again:

“…As kindly as I can say this, the Oral Roberts men are charlatans and frauds, both of whom are high-level Freemasons. I know Oral Roberts was a 33rd Degree freemason. Richard is one of the most stupendous fakes and con men at this late hour of apostacy in addition to Benny Hinn, John Hagee and D. James Kennedy---the man with the IHS in the center of his sunburst cross in the midst of his temple/church in Florida.

“…Webster Tarpley is an obvious coadjutor. As you know, he denies any Jesuit involvement in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. We might as well deny the existence of light and darkness.

“…Avro Manhattan played the right-wing, conservative anti-communist when he knew the Cold War was a hoax. He was also British Intelligence and thus connected to Spellman's CIA-led, anti-communist crusade. Manhattan also never revealed the fact that the Jesuits ruled both England and the US---just like another great traitor, Ian Paisley who has now sold out the Northern Irish Protestants.

“…Concerning the Reformation, it was the work of the risen Lord Jesus Christ in breaking the spiritual and temporal power of the Pope that had enslaved Europe for 1000 years. Do you value freedom of conscience and freedom of the press? Then you must give thanks for the Reformation that secured these rights for you against the work and power of the Jesuits to overthrow them---as in the Patriot Act written at Georgetown Jesuit University.

“The Zionists. Which of the four kinds of Zionists are you referring to? Labor Zionists? Revisitionist Zionists? Orthodox/Talmudic Zionists or Biblical Christian Zionists---of which I am one? They are not all the same. And as I prove in VAIII, Labor Zionism is a work of the Jesuits first really advocated by their great avenger, Napoleon I. Labor Zionism has always been a creature of Rome. Thus, the Jesuits are the great protectors and defenders of Labor Zionism via the Pope's Knights of Malta, papal court Jews like Louis M. Bloomfield and Louis Lehrman of Rite Aide.

“So please spare me the anti-Reformation rhetoric unless you want to return to the Pope's Dark Ages---the Jesuit Order's "New Age" fathered by the Jesuit Tielhard De Chardin.”
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 220235
United States
04/08/2007 12:34 AM
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Re: Alamo and Phelps Fearlessly Speak-Out About Vatican Corruption

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 214006
United States
04/08/2007 12:49 AM
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Re: Alamo and Phelps Fearlessly Speak-Out About Vatican Corruption
Why should we live in fear of anything? In church they tell you to fear God. Why should I fear him? He put me on this earth and he knows my heart and every thought I have.

Fear God.
Fear the terrorists.
Fear the criminals.
Fear the police.
Fear the government.
Fear for your safety.
Fear for your life.

I'm sick of all this fear mongering. Why should we live in fear? When you have fear in your heart you give away your power to others. Stop the fear and take the power back.