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Scientists Issue Massive ‘Global Warming’ Earthquake Warning

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04/10/2007 03:29 PM
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Scientists Issue Massive ‘Global Warming’ Earthquake Warning
Looks like Sorcha reads GLP!

[link to www.whatdoesitmean.com]

Scientists Issue Massive ‘Global Warming’ Earthquake Warning
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Scientists from both Russia and India today are revising their fears over what they are terming could be a ‘Massive Earthquake’ in the subduction zone where the Pacific Plate moves under the Indian-Australian Plate.
Of particular concern to these scientists is the increasing seismic activity in the Azores islands region of the Atlantic Ocean and where another two 5.0, or greater, magnitude earthquakes have struck in the past 24 hours, and which continues the quake swarm for that region that began on April 5th with a strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake.
Though not fully understood by scientists, the increasing phenomena of antipodal earthquake correlations are raising concerns that a new, and as yet, unexplained internal Earth mechanism is increasingly the cause of the series of massive earthquakes that have been occurring around the World these past few weeks, and which include:
The April 5th 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the New Caledonia region of the Pacific Ocean.
The April 3rd 6.2 magnitude earthquake that hit the Afghanistan region of Asia.
The April 2nd 8.1 magnitude earthquake that hit the Solomon Island region of the Pacific Ocean.
The March 29th 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit the Tanzania region of Africa.
The March 25th 7.2 and 7.1 magnitude earthquakes that hit the South Pacific region.
The March 25th 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit the Japanese Island region.
Though earthquakes of these magnitudes are not considered by scientists to be an unusual occurrence, the concentration of these past few weeks’ higher magnitude earthquakes, in such a short time span, is what are alarming the Russian and Indian Scientists.
These reports, also, point to the research of American scientists discovery of a vast ocean under the Asian continent as, possibly, being the source of this increased seismic activity, and as we can read of this new discovery as reported by Washington University News Service in their report titled "Arctic Ocean's worth of water discovered in Earth's mantle", and which says:
"A seismologist has made the first 3-D model of seismic wave damping, or diminishing, deep in the Earth's mantle and has revealed the existence of an underground water reservoir at least the volume of the Arctic Ocean.
It is the first evidence for water existing in the Earth's deep mantle. Michael E. Wysession, Ph.D., associate professor of earth and planetary sciences in Arts & Sciences, working with former graduate student Jesse Lawrence, analyzed 80,000 shear waves from more than 600,000 seismograms.
They found a large area in Earth's lower mantle beneath eastern Asia where water is damping out the seismic waves from earthquakes. Wysession's research is described in the forthcoming monograph "Earth's Deep Water Cycle," to be published by the American Geophysical Union."
The correlation both Russian and Indian scientists have made regarding these events, and their potential for catastrophic Earth changes, have their basis in the ongoing dispute relating to Global Warming, and where Eastern scientists are strongly opposed to the Western conclusions that the heating of our World is caused by manmade actions.
They point to the virtual ignoring by Western scientists that Global Warming is not happening just on our Earth, but is, in fact, occurring on all of our Solar Systems planets, with the worst heating occurring on the Planet Mars, and as we can read as reported by Australia’s Daily Telegraph News Service in their article titled "Global warming hits Mars", and which says:
"Global warming could be heating Mars four times faster than Earth due to a mutually reinforcing interplay of wind-swept dust and changes in reflected heat from the Sun, according a study. Scientists have long observed a correlation on Mars between its fluctuating temperatures - which range from -87 C to - 5 C (-125 F to 23 F) depending on the season and the location - and the darkening or lightening of swathes of the planet's surface."
Russian scientists, and though agreeing with their Western counterparts on the heating of the Planet Mars, ‘strongly’ dispute the reasoning of the West’s scientists and point to the recent discovery of massive amounts of water on the Red Planet, and which they believe further research will show vast amounts of water, also, in the interior regions of Mars, and just like our Planet Earth.
With this being so, and according to these reports, the evidence suggests that both the Planets Earth and Mars are experiencing ‘internal heating’ by as an yet ‘unknown’ mechanism, and by this heating the vast amounts of ‘internal waters’ of both Planets is ‘expanding’ towards the surface forcing massive plate displacements, and which they have based their present warnings upon.
Most curiously, at least in our opinion, is that the convergence of the Global Warming of our Solar Systems Planets with the increasing number of catastrophic earthquakes being experienced has a direct counterpart in the mythologies of all Earth’s Tribes in what is termed the Great Flood, and which in the Western cultures is termed Noah’s Flood.
In these ancient accounts our ancestors have left innumerable accounts relating to a time when our Earth was visited by massive geological changes that culminated with the ‘waters of the deep’ bursting from their subterranean hiding places to inundate our Planet, and which if looked at in the context of these reports from Russian and Indian scientists does indeed seem plausible if indeed our Planet, and Mars, are heating up from within.
These reports, also, come to us at a time we believe is even more significant with the arrival of the New Green Comet, and which we have previously written about, which according to the ancient mythologies is providing one of our last warnings before the greater catastrophes due to be unleashed upon us confront us all.
'The truth is out there'