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Message Subject Awesome! Go Trump! The house just passed the reciprocity bill!
Poster Handle #521
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Just heard it on the radio! My only question is if I get get an out of state non resident permit from Utah but I live in NJ could I carry in NJ?
 Quoting: Munsoned

Just fyi the reciprocity bill allows gun owners to carry out of state, no matter how psychotically leftist they are.

[link to freebeacon.com]
 Quoting: SevenThunders

"...The bill would require states to recognize each other's gun-carry permits. It would allow anyone with a valid state-issued gun-carry permit and a valid government-issued photo ID to legally carry a firearm in any state. Each state would still have control over when and where gun carry would be allowed inside its borders...."
 Quoting: #521

"When and where" so what the heck does that mean? The state could just just say you can only carry from 2am to 3am on Monday's. That makes no sense at all!
 Quoting: Munsoned

Means this unfortunately won't change much in highly restricted/non CCW states. Hopefully I'm wrong on this.

Still far better than the current clusterfuck of state to state reciprocity agreements.
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