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Black plague is different than the bubonic plague-how viruses infect the body

Lucian Aeli Apollo Zalmoxe
User ID: 75959925
12/08/2017 07:45 AM
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Black plague is different than the bubonic plague-how viruses infect the body
My dear friends
I am controlling still with my high Spirit the 2 plagues inside my body
who come both from Ozymankos the gReat my ancestor who lived for 10000 years

black plague comes from Asia and you die in 2 weeks
black spots who are wide but not deep appear under your arms and sexual organs
from bubonic plague who comes from Africa you die in one month
apples made of the same mushrooms appear in the same areas

you have fever and you say stupid things then you die in pains
I have these spots on my body
but the red and white cells who are viruses just like them destroy the mushrooms tiny

I have given black plague to Octavia Fedeles in 2002 feb when she drakn my blood on 2nd
and she spreaded in Bucharest and Cluj she was undead
then she died in one month

Diana Dimulescu who infected me with siphilis also got the bubonic one
and she died cut into pieces 7 years later by Dacia dragon of mine yellow with 2 heads in the forest of Hoia near Cluj
currently I have 7 deadly diseases
black plague
bubonic plague

I am seeing many wonderful things
I stayed in the test of Agartha since 12/1/2013 to get to the end of the unmanifested nature and to escape all disease for me and all mankind

and all species dragons crystals trees tigers vampires and the rest werevolves
but now I am loosing myself every day
the voices get stronger in my head and say nasty things to me
to donate all me quadrillions to the world
to get all in bitcoins and ether

to take care of my grandmotehr who is dead
to break the white plank at her door and storm inside

a virus infects the cell by breaking it from blood stream
then its own RNA takes part from the cell DNA
so the virus gets a DNA and becomes stroger
the virus replicates himself just like the macro virus or macrobacteria from Shamballa and Agartha
but they work slowly

the bacteria slowly ingest the human body to become one large macro bacteria
but the white celle and red cells are produces in the spinal column by you
they infect the virus and bacteria like small viruses breaking them
then the red and white cells become stronger viruses and adapt themselves to the virus and bacteria
they learn how to adapt

so any disease aids cancer etc can be defeated
Lucian with love