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Message Subject The most disturbing revelations to come out of the release of JFK assassination files was.......
Poster Handle G. House
Post Content
that the CIA at that time had 40+ mainstream media reporters on their payroll.

Do people realize the implications of this?

This issue deserves a comprehensive probe of its own. Especially considering if they were doing that BS back then they are certainly doing it now.

That they knew this info would eventually come out, is that why they passed a law making it legal for certain government entities to issue propaganda?

This issue is one of the reasons black, secret budgets with little oversight are a very, very bad idea. Especially when career appointed officials control policy.
 Quoting: G. House

So by all means. Tell us the implications of news that broke 40 years ago......
 Quoting: Ralphyboy 74677451


MSM claimed Jones was ahead 10 odd percent in polls, yet onlywins by a very slim margin.

Manipulation of polls should be criminal.

Not to mention the extreme manipulation of elections in foreign nations by US intelligence agencies. All funded by taxpayer dollars with little to no oversight. Against the US Constitution too as EVERY dollar spent is supposed to be documented and available for public inspection.
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