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Why Underage Victims Don't Speak Up, CDAN Blind, 4 for Fri, 12/15

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12/15/2017 02:25 PM
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Why Underage Victims Don't Speak Up, CDAN Blind, 4 for Fri, 12/15
[link to www.crazydaysandnights.net]

During the run of "Miami Vice" this Caucasian co-star was promoted as a bad boy & top TV sex symbol.

"This actor used to be A+ list back in the day. He struck big gold on a hit network show. Later on in life he struck silver on another network show.

Except for those shows though, he has struggled to get anything to stick. He makes movies, mostly the kind where the salaries aren't high and barely leave him any money after his big monthly expenses.

Throughout his career, there have been decades of drug abuse and booze too. There have been lots of tabloid relationships and breakups.

Too many scandals to count. Somehow though he has stuck around. Did I mention he used to be king of the casting couch back in the day on his gold show.

Each week there were several women who were given a line on the show in return for having sex with the actor. No sex? Replaced with someone else.

On his silver show he did the same thing. The problem was times had slightly changed and he was not as popular and he ended up paying a bunch of settlements and the studio even more.

Back before he made it big, he was a guy who was making one off appearances on network television or if he got lucky a few lines in a movie here and there.

It was also when he was trolling high schools for female teens. He went through a series of 14-16 year olds before settling on a 16 year old to move in with him.

He would send her off to hangouts where teens would be and tell her to not come back home until she found girls to play with. He never liked them older than 15 or 16.

One of these girls that was brought back was given some drugs to make her more willing to do what she was going to be forced to do regardless. The drugs left her with permanent brain damage and she died a few years ago.

Fast forward to the present day. The younger sister to that brain damaged girl found an old diary written by her deceased sister that mentioned our actor's name and it was one of the last entries that the girl had been able to write before the damage done to her. No one in the family had even known the girl knew the actor.

So, the sister reached out to the actor in hopes he might just be able to let them know anything he knew about the drugs she took or where she got them. They were just questions, not accusations.

The next thing you know the actor has lawyers all over this sister. They tell her to drop everything and to not bother the actor again. Well, now that set off alarm bells so she started doing some more investigating and found other names in the diaries and tried to track them down 40 some odd years after this happened. She got lucky enough to put two and two together and then went back to the actor about two months ago.

Are we surprised that this woman turned up dead the other day in the city where our actor lives? It is not like he has not been accused of assault and harassment and violence before. Maybe trying to protect what career he has left."

Reading the comments, posters in the know have come up with more than a few names of those who could have been screwing many young teen girls. Keep in mind the TV Star was using his teen girlfriend to pick up multiple new "friends" who might want a chance to meet him in person.

Wouldn't he be legally liable for the more serious charge of giving so many underage girls lots of drugs? Why do celebs who are quickly elevated to "God" status think they are so untouchable?

Here are the comments following the 12/15 CDAN Blind:

"Don Johnson. He started hooking up with Melanie Griffith when she was a young teen.

Hes "super swarms"-always has been. He also did the casting couch to get work with both men and women.

Crazy, but then again nothing surprises me anymore from these people. They have no souls and no hearts.

That woman who was found dead in Joshua Tree the other day? She was a bit part actress I think tho back when...

He was living with a 16-year-old, and going through teens before he made it big.

All stars, men and women, did the casting couch at some point to get ahead in the business. All of them.

100% Don Johnson and "Sunny" Griffin were a thing before she was actress. Melanie, just Tippi's daughter, was 14 when they got together. He was famous for the movie "A Boy and His Dog." He was quite the young heartthrob, as it was a cult movie.

He was added to the IMDb list of alleged pedophiles recently.

Don Johnson was in "The Harrad Experiment" which is about swinging.

He better have a good alibi. Johnson was a cop in both Nash Bridges and Miami Vice. Hmm.

Tippie allowed Melanie to live with Don when she was just 14. Don also had (famous groupie, part-time public school teacher, and author) Pamela Debarge living with him, who then wrote about it. Melanie was besties with Mackenzie Phillips at that time also. She was always over too.

Melanie Griffith "appeared as an extra in "The Harrad Experiment" (1973) where she fell in love with her mother's co-star, Don Johnson. She was only 14 years old, while he was a twice-divorced 22-year-old. Tippi took a very liberal approach and allowed Melanie to move in with Don at a tender age."

The guy that played Tubbs has given interviews detailing Don's drugging and screwing anything that moved (male or female)."

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