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Message Subject Isn't the biggest tax cut for the poorest American people?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The BIIGGEST ISSUE for Democrats is

Welfare recipients and Immigrants will NO LONGER be PAID in CASH to have children - receiving MORE than they paid into the system by THOUSANDS using CREDITS!

I have a teacher friend who commit AFFORD to have a baby - she makes $25k in her state as a junior high Math teacher - her husband is a substitute teacher and makes a little less but does not have benefits- maybe next year.

The WOrKING low income cannot AFFORD to have kids and either take off work or pay childcare

While the Welfare recipients and newly arrived get PAID to have children through CREDITS

STEALING from all the taxes paid to support SOCIAL ENGINEERING...

Another friend knows a guy at work that gets a check for $14,000 for having 4 kids and being on welfare plus he does work - but gets BACK over $10,000 more than he pays in !!!
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