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Message Subject Lukewarm Christians-Wake Up! THE RAPTURE IS AT THE DOOR.
Poster Handle unthinker
Post Content
:bridec: If for whatever reason you

have become a backslidden, lukewarm Christian, you are about to have your heart broken when you realize that the Lord has found you unfaithful. And left you behind to face all the horrors to come that are the lot of the unbelievers.

We may literally only have days left (if even that), great signs in heaven have been marching past us, in the Lords perfect timing for many years now, so you are without excuse. Refuse to listen to the evil liars who tell you that there is no such thing as the Rapture, or that it cannot happen yet for some stupid reason or another.

Return to the Lord now. He will be quick to hear you and forgive you of your sins. If you have had no relationship with the Lord then you have still been blessed with a little time. He will also be quick to hear you if you ask him to forgive you of your sins and sincerely repent. But do it now, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow and then where would you be?
 Quoting: Judethz

this stuff fascinates me. a while back i put 1 and 1 together and it finally came out as 3. the only other place the word lord is used is to identify powerful demons. j the c is not the lord j, just as lucy is not santa.

also, if i understand xians that j is G and if G is "the father" then j is the father too. doesn't that make wanting to be the bride kinda weird?
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