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Message Subject Lukewarm Christians-Wake Up! THE RAPTURE IS AT THE DOOR.
Poster Handle gmigriff
Post Content
You sound like an infomercial, with a limited-time-offer. Did you write that?
 Quoting: gmigriff

ano1 Yeah, as it happens I made a fairly good living selling ad space on local papers for about 20 years, and naturally I wrote quite a lot of the copy. I'm also a dab hand at restaurant reviews.

I gather from your tone that you are skeptical about the Rapture, but I ain't. You are also walking around with blinkers on deliberately ignoring what is happening in the world and the many, many heavenly warning signs that we have been getting for a long time now. The forces in play are far greater than anything that our puny civilizations can stand.
 Quoting: Judethz

You’re mistaken if you think I am affected at all by your beliefs. I believe differently.

And I’m happy you have yours, and respect your dedication to them.

But, so many of you keep claiming to know when this rapture will happen. And the date keeps being reset, and the classic infighting ensues.

Tell me this: what will an all-knowing god say, if the rapture finally happens 57 years from now, and you all have been predicting the date in error for hundreds of years? In your context, is it for you to presume to know in the first place?

More likely, the concept, and your post specifically, are merely useful in herding the flock, which is exactly what your OP smacks of: using fear to re-influence the wandering “lukewarm” as you put it. It’s a basic form of psychological driving that you’re using, even if you don’t realize.

Advertising uses this every day, In all its forms, hence my very first question.
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