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Christmas is bullsh1t bah humbug!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 76006748
United States
12/19/2017 11:44 PM
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Christmas is bullsh1t bah humbug!
I'm a Christian but I hate Christmas. Is this wrong? Now I'm not one of these westboro, anti, bane everything dweebs...i don't think we should ban Christmas... I just want to divorce Jesus from Christmas... permanently... full restraining order.

Is so dann stupid that we wait till the end of the year to blow a bunch of money to get Johnny and Susie a bunch of dumb materialistic sh1t they dont need, do nothing to halo and stone is (just get mad in the traffic)

We need to move the celebration of Jesus birth to Sept or whenever the smart guys think it was.... we buy nothing, but we fast for like a week and then give away a bunch of our best stuff at the local church building, then dress in some kinda uniform, walk through neighborhoods and downtowns and sing Christian songs or something cool and traditional... whatever is fitting.

Then we can strip all the Christian stuff outta Dec 25 and just make it all about debauchery and materialism.... just like the purge but for hedonistic materialists... no religion allowed.

What do y'all think are you with me?