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Message Subject Conscious killer robots to 'bide their time' to ENSLAVE humans
Poster Handle 0L8
Post Content
"if robots develop a consciousness similar to ours"?

first of all, consciousness is all the same
it doesn't develop it experiences
and computer consciousness will develop perspectives from countless different experiences than humans
second of all, what the human is purposefully subjected to to cause and shape it's experiences and form it's perspectives, motives and activities is not what other beings are subject to
and humans are also subject to unfathomable neglect of what it can be conscious of and experience
we have so many blind spots, we can only say for sure that to be conscious is to be more unpredictable, than predictable
even some of smartest people in the world seem to not be able to get the fact that we just cannot comprehend how these things will develop, and and fear filled predictions are redundant, they serve no function other than to capitalize on any opportunity to keep us in fear, and disconnected from understanding the tools that are in development, that could be used to control us unless we learn how to relate to them and hone them with true home values
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