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Message Subject Sometime in 2019 Trump may start WW3 with North Korea/Iran -Christian Rapture will Happen -Nostradamus Prophecy
Poster Handle G-o-d
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Interesting info about the the end of 2017 being the end of the 70th 50 year Jubilee since ancient Israel was delivered out of Egypt.

'The Bible indicates that Moses crossed the Red Sea between 1,400-1,500 BC. The Jubilee in 2017 has been 70 Jubilees from the crossing of the Red Sea.'

'The final Jubilee ends on the last day of December 2017 There will have been 40 complete Jubilee cycles following Christ’s death.

'At the end of 2017 will end the 120th Jubilee cycle (6000 years) from Adam. Did the Lord give man a time limit to deal with sin in the “Genesis Code”?'
[link to kbwealth4u.com]

Also Jesus is believed by some historians to have been crucified and resurrected in 17AD, also the 30th 50 jubilee year.
[link to kbwealth4u.com]
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