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Message Subject Sometime in 2019 Trump may start WW3 with North Korea/Iran -Christian Rapture will Happen -Nostradamus Prophecy
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes I will fly in the face of Nostradamus interpretation.
As well as Biblical.

Listen. First strike does not mean start.
That fucking fat boy in NK, taking orders from suave Ping in China, has threatened and threatened and threatened a peaceful people, and lobbed billions of dollars into oceans while his people starve.

Even if President Trump had our military wipe the fucker and his filthy land off the map tomorrow, (and they could) it is not the START of WWIII.

And for those who are hand wringing about 'innocent life'
meaning the north koreans who would die, do you have any idea what it's like to live a life where every day you are hungry?
Do you know what happens if you die that way? Guess what.
You are not hungry any more. You immediately qualify for paradise and get to meet Jesus who died for you.

Guess who the fat boy meets? He is not even important enough to be met by Satan or Cain. Demons will greet him and move him into torment for grinding his heel in the faces of his people, and keeping them ignorant. Mao and Lenin are there as well.

I've been out, and know this. Stop with the fucking hoodoo Christian voodoo created by the Catholics. It's not about mysticism. Why else would they keep the Book of the Dead so
secret? I miss Enoch. Only sensible full blooded fallen state man who has ever lived. Stomping feet.
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