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Message Subject California Parents Barred from Opting Kids Out of Mandatory LGBT-Inclusive Textbooks
Poster Handle darkwolf007
Post Content
Nothing fucked about it. No normal parent should ever send their children to state propaganda factories. Home school. Leave the system and the useless eaters in to their fate - death.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76046639

It's against the Law not to send your children to public school for the poor anyways. It's counted as Truancy and both the child(ren) and parent(s) go to Truancy Court. Truancy Court can cost the parent(s) a whole heck alot of money right then and there and even jail time. How do I know this? From personal experience. Our Public Education System is so FUBARed that it's simply jaw dropping to see how truly messed up the System is.
 Quoting: darkwolf007

Awww well aren't you so lucky you are so rich? Probably work for the same commies huh? Sit on your ass grow your huge ass getting everyone elses money? Don't tell anyone though will you!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76040808

I'll just do this one thing for you, AC...

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