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Message Subject Our Cartoon President (this might just tick you off)
Poster Handle Zuzu
Post Content
I used to think Colbert was ok a few yr back and now he seems to come across as whinging pimped up pedantic plonka. Last time I saw a clip of him his audience sounded like they were all laughing and clapping from his ass they are that far up it. Social directive hate is out of control now and I myself am seriously considering getting rid of my internet and getting cards and board games and a radio because the flow of info across the whole spectrum is just dissolving into a massive bowl of shit soup.

Happy New Year :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75982628

I also watched him back in his earlier days. Now he seems to believe that he is some genius political expert when the truth is that his ego is to inflated to realize that he is nothing more than a tool for the left.

You just might be on the right track trading in cable for cards and board games but I'd hold onto the internet. Without access to sites such as this one you would have nothing but the MSN to rely on and we know just how dependable they are for the truth.

Wishing you a happy new year as well!
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