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Message Subject Our Cartoon President (this might just tick you off)
Poster Handle Zuzu
Post Content
The more they attack, the more you realise he's doing something right.

 Quoting: 4by2

You speak the truth dear one. The more the man does for this country the more mud the neanderthals sling. You know, even the least intelligent animals can learn that you don't bite the hand that feeds you. Trump does not only strive to improve the America of those that voted for him but is trying to make a better place for all Americans. You would think that his detractors could at least respect that much.
 Quoting: Zuzu

Totally agree.

It seems to me that the ones protesting the most against Trump have been shown to have been those with something very sinister to hide. Trump is bringing the light to their dark and shady dealings.
 Quoting: 4by2

Absolutely! And thank goodness that in this man we finally have someone in power who is not afraid to confront that dark.
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