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Message Subject Our Cartoon President (this might just tick you off)
Poster Handle Zuzu
Post Content
I better not comment about this.ohno
 Quoting: the deplorable ar-15 nut

All comments are welcomed, for or against. If you agree, great! If you don't... well, I'll respect you and your rights to voice your thoughts. hf
 Quoting: Zuzu

Morning zuzu I strongly dislike Colbert and the rest of them.
 Quoting: the deplorable ar-15 nut

Morning! Looks like we are on the same page then. I sure miss the days when comics were actually funny. I mean people like George Carlin did commentary on politics and current events while making it relatable and funny even if you didn't agree with his opinions. Heck, can you imagine Blazing saddles or really anything from Mel Brooks being made today? Safe spaces would be over capacity. Dang, maybe I'm just getting old and incapable of "relating" to the humor of the day.
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