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Message Subject Possible Chinese military buildup on border with North Korea in anticipation for US attack?
Poster Handle DJKool
Post Content
If we do end up in a War on the Korean Peninsula there is a very good possibility that the forces we face may be mostly Chinese ... NOT North Korean. Much depends upon how the War starts.

If that happens the Chinese will have a "safe haven" on the other side of the Yalu River which divides Korea from China where they can stage their troops and supplies (unless of course we wish to have a full scale war with China - during the Korean War we did NOT cross that river into China proper - though we did bomb the bridges across it)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 52154903

North Korea is like the warpaint of China.They don't wanna tell us they'll nuke us but they'll fucking nuke us.They just need us to keep buying all their shit & pumping money into their economy.Fuckers are mean they slaughtered 10,000 of their own at tinnamen square & swept that shit under the rug so good.I can only remember remembering it like four or five times.Mainstream media even paints Chinese fucking man made islands & shit as North Korean it's terrible.
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