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Message Subject Professor Darwin's Church of 'Evolution': So what exactly is the faith in? Confirmation in total futility?
Poster Handle DGN
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Another great example of mutations was in Richard Lenski's 2 decade long observation of isolated E.Coli populations, which;
"Lenski eventually discovered that this population had evolved the ability to "eat" citrate, an organic molecule which was part of the solution the E. coli lived in, but which E. coli cannot normally uptake. Thus, evolution had been visibly observed, with an exquisite amount of evidence establishing the timeline along the way. Not only that, but the experiment was repeatable; Lenski started new experiments with the frozen "archives" of the population which exploded, and found that beyond a certain point, that particular population of E. coli were highly likely to evolve the ability to digest citrate. "
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72531636

They didn't evolve into a different species at all, they simply adapted to eat what's available.
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