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Message Subject Ripple (XRP) is a Rip-Off! (Trinity is correct)
Poster Handle mikerock
Post Content
Ripple is light years ahead in transactions per second than any other crypto. The tech can handle just as many transactions as VISA.

Bitcoin and others cryptos the tech is archiac, slow and cannot match the throughput for real world use. They are merely investments now since it has been proven that they cannot handle real world usage.

Based on this info and that large financial institutions prefer Ripple no doubt Ripple/XRP is where crypto is headed next. XRP is destroyed with every transaction and much of it held back in escrow released every month. So the market cap nonsense is a myth. People will pay for what they think it is worth.

There is allot of anti-Ripple/XRP propaganda due to:

- Those that are heavily invested fiat, crypto and mining tech in Bitcoin. They do not want to lose that investment with a Bitcoin market crash to XRP.

- Bitcoin preference for anonymity is lost with Ripple. Bitcoin being anonymous is a somewhat a myth. Withdraw in fiat in the US and you are not anonymous.

Financial institutions prefer accountability and know your customer. Bitcoin and other cryptos will be fully regulated at some point which will eliminate Bitcoin anonymity. You can eventually expect a government issued ID to be tied to every Bitcoin transaction by law.

So if cryto is fully regulated and the market prefers a crypto for real world use that can match VISA, where do you think the market is headed? Obviously long term Ripple.

This does not mean Bitcoin and other cryptos will go away but rather the rise of Ripple/XRP as the dominant crypto.
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